Best yoga in Adelaide

We work hard to maintain the best teaching staff for yoga In Adelaide. All of our teachers have a minimum of 350 hours of training and are eligible for membership of the peak body for membership in Australia, Yoga Australia.

We work hard to ensure that our timetable offers a balance of postural yoga and meditative practices.

Here is a peep inside our studio.


Best service

At Yoga Spirit Studios we are always striving to bring you the best service. We keep you informed, and provide extras to make your yoga experience the best available. We have long prided ourselves on being fully equipped, with loan equipment available, props like blocks, chairs, bolsters and blankets. We also have a retail shop so you can equip yourself with all the props you need.

We have a community of practitioners and we know you by name, and know what you need for us to take care of you. You will be in the company of friends and in the hands of the very best and experienced teachers. 

Our office staff will also give you every assistance to help you book for classes and stay in touch.

Yoga, meditation and pain free movement classes

At Yoga Spirit Studios we teach yoga.

That includes postural yoga, but also more. We offer a holistic approach to yoga that is inclusive of everyone, and of the whole of you.

So we also specialise in meditation, iRest yoga nidra and in somatics in the style of Thomas Hanna - that is, in pain free movement. 

Dependability, comfort and safety

We deliver on the service that is promised and we deliver it on time.

Our classes start and finish on time, because we know that your time is important.  You can depend on our timetable and you will receive plenty of notice of any changes to the schedule.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We are trained to suggest and offer options and modifications so you will always find a way to access the benefits of yoga.

We maintain a comfortable temperature and atmosphere, and the heritage building provides an ambience that is unique and special.


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Phone: 08 8352 7823

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