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Please see the Introductory courses page for starting dates of Introductory courses. We highly recommend if you are new to yoga that you do an Introductory course before attending ongoing classes. See our Children's Yoga page for details of term dates for yoga for children and young people. See our Relaxation and Meditation page for starting dates of Meditation Courses. See our Mothers and Babies page for information about the Mum and Me classes. See our Yoga for Breast Cancer page for information about how we might assist women recovering from breast cancer regain their strength and mobility. If you have prior yoga experience or have completed our Introductory course, we welcome you to attend the ongoing classes listed on the timetable. However, we ask that if you are attending the studio for the first time please arrive 10 minutes prior to start of the class. This helps us to ensure you will be in a suitable class and that we can welcome you on your arrival. Ongoing (drop in) classes are 85 - 90 minutes long. Wear stretchy or loose fitting clothing that is easy to move in.  Slip on shoes are convenient as yoga is practiced barefoot. Yoga Spirit Studios has mats, blankets, bolsters and other yoga equipment that might be utilised in the class, however you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer. Mats and other yoga props are available for sale at the studio (see the Yogashop page). We recommend that you always bring a towel or sarong to place over equipment when your head or face will contact it. We also require that you clean down studio mats after use to keep them hygenic. Wipes and solutions are available for this purpose. For descriptions of the classes listed, please select the class of interest from the Classes menu provided. While bookings for most ongoing classes are not essential, we encourage you to book into classes online. MONDAY 10:00 AM Studio Room (Main Hall for "time out")Mum & Me Post Natal Yoga for Mums and bubs (Drop In) Vanessa 6:00 PM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Charlton 6:00 PM Studio Room6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) Jo 7:35 PM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Charlton TUESDAY 10.00 AM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Tina 6:00 PM Studio RoomExperienced Ongoing - Developing technique (Drop In) Cherise 6.00 PM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Jo 7:35 PM Main Hall6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) Cherise 7:35 PM Studio Room8 week Somatics courses by enrolment(Bookings required) Jo WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Jo 10:00 AM Studio RoomOccasional 6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) variable 4:00 PM Studio RoomTweens and Teens Yoga (Bookings required) Tina 6:00 PM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Sallie 6:00 PM Studio RoomPrenatal (Bookings required) Vanessa 7:35 PM Studio RoomOngoing Mid-Week Restorative - suitable for Beginners and Experienced (Drop In) Vanessa 7:35 PM Main Hall6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) Sallie THURSDAY 9:30 AM Main HallOngoing Midlife and Menopause (suitable for beginners) (Drop In) Ginnie 4:15 PM Studio RoomChildren's Yoga (Bookings required) Mary 6:00 PM Studio RoomOngoing Somatics and iRest Yoga Nidra (suitable for Beginners and Experienced) (Drop In) Tina 6:00 PM Main HallExperienced Ongoing - Strength and Challenge (Drop In) Charlton 7:35 PM Main Hall6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) Charlton 7:35 PM Studio RoomSpecial Interest and Deepen Your Yoga Courses (Bookings required) various FRIDAY 10:00AM Studio RoomOccasional 6 week Introductory Courses (Bookings required) variable 10.00AM Main Hall Ongoing Beginners (Drop In) Naomi SATURDAY 8:00 AM Studio RoomExperienced Ongoing - Vinyasa Flow (Drop In) Tina 9:15 AM Main HallPrenatal (Bookings required) Sallie 9:35 AM Studio RoomSpecial interest,  6 week Introductory Courses and other courses as scheduled (Bookings required) variable 11:05 AM Main HallOngoing Beginners (Drop In) Sallie 11:05 AM Studio RoomNo regularly scheduled classesSpecial Interest classes, courses, workshops and  Teacher Training as scheduled various PM Main Hall and Studio RoomNo regular classes scheduledSpecial Interest classes, courses, workshops and  Teacher Training as scheduled various 3:00 - 5:00 PM QUARTERLY ONLYThe Big Relax various SUNDAY 10:00 AM Main Hall Meditation and All Levels Studio RoomOccasional workshops or courses Tina   various PM Main Hall and Studio RoomNo regular classes scheduledSpecial Interest classes, courses, workshops and  Teacher Training as scheduled various Specialty areas such as prenatal, mums and bubs and children's yoga are priced and booked differently to regular ongoing yoga classes. Find out more about yoga for Prenatal, Mothers and babies, Children. Prices of memberships will rise in the New Year. Buy now to get longer at the old prices. The price to be is in red in brackets. MEMBERSHIPS - unlimited ongoing classes (not for prenatal or mums and bubs) Direct Debit Membership unlimited visits $95 / mth 12 Month Membership unlimited visits $1200 6 Month Membership unlimited visits $700 3 Month Membership unlimited visits $370 2 weeks Introductory unlimited visits ONLY for classes on regular timetable - does not apply to: ~ courses~ workshops~ special events~ other membership offers ONLY for new clients ONLY available for purchase once No extensions possible $25 DISCOUNT CLASS PASS (not for prenatal or mums and bubs) 20 Classes (6 months to use) $285 / $280 concession 10 Classes (3 months to use) $155 / $145 concession 5 Classes (2 months to use) $85 / $80 concession 10 Classes (unlimited time to use $170 / $155 concession Casual Class $18/$16 concession PRENATAL 5 Prenatal Classes (6 weeks to use) $90 10 Prenatal Classes (12 weeks to use) $160 Casual Prenatal Class $20 How to purchase: Monthly Direct Debit please contact or visit the studio to request the form.All other memberships and class passes may be purchased online, or by visiting or phoning the studio. Payment may be cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Purchase Class Tickets and Memberships Back to Top


Introductory Courses

If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with An Introductory Start up Package which is an Introductory 6 week course plus 3 months unlimited classes at a sensational saving OR Simply with one of our 6 week Courses You do not have to be fit, flexible or relaxed to start yoga but with regular attendance to class and personal practice, your body will become strong and more pliable, your stamina will increase and your mind will calm. It is important to us that your first exposure to yoga practice is comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding. The relaxed atmosphere created by our caring, experienced teachers in our Introductory courses allows you to feel comfortable exploring the new activity of yoga at your own pace. The course is designed so that even those who have not exercised for a while will be able to manage the pace. All classes are 75 to 90 minutes in duration. Apologies, but there are no drop in casual classes to these courses, students need to book for the whole six weeks. If you miss a week you can make it up in a regular Ongoing beginners class up to one week after your course finishes. For more information please select a topic below.{slide=INTRODUCTORY START-UP PACKAGE save 25%} Introductory Start-up Package 25% DiscountPrice $315 Save $105. This package is great for those who know they are ready to take yoga on and commit to it. You are purchasing not only your Intro course but also three months of unlimited classes. The great saving is a fabulous incentive to yourself to really get on the mat and enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated practice. You can start your Ongoing classes at any time, usually allowing yourself a few weeks of your Introductory course first, and the three months expiry starts ticking when you first use the unlimited membership. AS an unlimited classes member you will also be able to attend selected other courses at the studio at no additional cost. This is truly a great deal if you are ready to commit. Three months unlimited attendance to classes normal price $325 less 25% = 243.75 A Six week Introductory Course ** Normal price $95 less 25% = $71.25 Add that together and you pay only $315 for value of $420 Click here to book online!                         {/slide}{slide=INTRODUCTORY COURSE START DATES} Starting Dates You attend once per week on the same night for six weeks in a row. There are no classes on public holidays so the relevant class will be delayed until the following week. There are no casual classes in these courses, the full six week course is purchased as a block.PRICE: $95 Policy regarding your booking and make up classes:Once you have made a booking you can transfer your booking to another course if you give us 24 hours notice. This gives us time to contact someone on the wait list. If you miss one of these classes you can do make up classes from our regular timetable of classes (view on our website or pick up a flier at the studio). Make up classes can be done during the six weeks of the course and up to 7 days after your course finishes.  You are welcome to ask your teacher about the different classes to get an idea of which make up class might work best for you. It is not possible to do make up classes in another course. All classes are 75 to 90 minutes in duration. Dates for upcoming courses are listed on the Home page, or go to the Bookings page to choose and book   {/slide}{slide=COURSE CONTENT} Click here to book online! The course content includes: Natural Breathing which helps to ease anxiety and tension, calming the body and mind. Awareness and implementation of movements that bring about comfortable, balanced posture. This can help you to feel more relaxed and confident with yourself while also restoring your energy and freeing discomfort in the body. Awareness and implementation of stretches that help to keep your spine strong, pliable and healthy, easing aches and pains and improving flexibility. Stabilising techniques for the shoulders and abdomen to develop core strength. Slow, flowing sequences of movements (asanas) to build whole body flexibility, strength and stamina, creating a feeling of inner freedom and increasing energy levels. Relaxation and meditation techniques to increase self awareness, personal growth and total well-being. An Introductory Course prepares you well for the Ongoing Beginners classes that we offer at the studio and will also give you some idea of how to start practicing at home. Some students choose to repeat the Introductory Course and that is fine. Introductory Courses run once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. We stagger the start of courses on different days so that there will always be one starting soon for you. See below for starting dates and booking requirements. {/slide}{slide=WHERE TO AFTER MY COURSE?} We offer Ongoing Beginners classes on different days and at varying time slots. If you have taken on the Introductory Start-up package which includes a 3 month membership, then you normally commence these classes after at least the first lesson of your Introductory Course. The three months expiry date is activated after you use it for the first time, If you are in the midst of an Introductory course, have completed an Introductory Course or done yoga in the past the ongoing Beginners classes will usually be most suitable. If you have any doubts please check with us first to make sure they are right for you. These classes confirm and expand upon what has been taught in the Introductory Course. Please go to our Timetable for further information about times, days and prices of these classes. {/slide}{slide=BOOKINGS AND REGISTRATION} Due to the popularity of our Introductory courses, bookings and prepayment are essential.To make a booking either, check the start dates to select the course that suits you best, then: Book online by clicking here (preferred, and you earn points towards a future purchase) or phone the studio on 8352 7823 in office hours and we can process your credit card payment over the phone. Bookings will be confirmed by email or phone. Please arrive 10 minutes early on the first day of the class. Wear stretch clothes such as leggings, long shorts or tracksuit pants, a tank top or T shirt. Just take care that your clothing will not reveal anything you wouldn't want to show or others wouldn't want to see when you move your body, including into upside down positions. {/slide}{slide=FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS} What do I bring? Pretty much just your self! We suggest that you bring a towel or sarong to place between your head or face and the studio equipment. All equipment including blankets and mats are supplied by Yoga Spirit Studios. However, you are welcome to bring your own mat, owning your own mat will enable you to practice at home and bringing your own mat to class may appeal to you for hygiene reasons. We have mats for sale at the studio. If you use one of our mats we request that you wipe it down after class, which helps to keep them fresh and hygienic for all. What do I wear? Comfortable stretch clothes that you might wear to the gym, eg: leggings, tracksuit pants, singlet or T-shirt. Keep in mind that you will get warm in class. Because yoga is practiced in bare feet, wearing slip on shoes makes things easier too. NOTE: It is advisable to check that leggings and tights are not see through when stretched. Short shorts are not appropriate for men or women in wide legged poses. Bras should be substantial enough to contain breasts when bending forwards and higher cut necklines on ladies T-shirts and tank tops help you to remain comfortable. Long line tops and body hugging styles that will not flop up when bending over or ride up during movement work best. How and when should I pay? Cash, cheques and credit card (Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa) are all accepted. Bookings and payments can also be made online.Payments for Introductory Courses are due in full prior to the start of the course at the time of making your booking. Your registration is not complete and your place in the course is not assured until you have paid. If you join our ongoing classes, the purchase of Memberships and 5, 10 or 20 class passes can also be made online, with your credit card over the phone prior to attending, or at the studio a few minutes before the start of your class. I have injuries and stiffness in my body, is yoga still appropriate for me? Most people will find that they have some injuries and problem areas in their body. Through yoga we learn more about these problems and how we can work with them. If you've had recent surgery or spinal disk problems please contact the studio to discuss this further. Can I eat before class? It is recommended to avoid eating for 2 hours before class. What about pregnancy? If you are pregnant and have not done yoga before, a prenatal class is essential and these classes are held on Saturdays at 9.15am and Wednesday at 6.00pm. See our Prenatal page for further information. Why do we do so many standing poses? Many new comers to yoga practice are surprised how many standing postures there are in the class which makes the yoga practice more strenuous than we may have expected. There are some very good reasons why we teach in this way. 
The standing poses are invigorating and remove sluggishness in the body and mind. 
They refresh and energize the body and mind by stretching out tension, improving circulation and opening the body for improved breathing. The legs, feet, hips, knees, back and shoulders all gain mobility and strength. Thus these poses are preparations for seated forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. Our body learns correct movement and posture from the standing poses so that we can sit, walk and stand more comfortably and at ease.
While they may be physically challenging, even the newest beginner, the older student and those with injuries can manage them and reap the benefits of yoga. Of the standing poses BKS Iyengar is quoted: “You should do the asanas with vigour and at the same time be relaxed and composed”A fantastic yoga book, Yoga the Iyengar Way, says of the standing poses: “Working with effort does not mean working with tension and it is important to learn how to stay relaxed” So the standing poses give us much more than just the physical benefits. {/slide}


Workshops & Retreats

Looking for a retreat? Yoga Spirit Studios partners with Skillful Mind to provide yoga tuition at their retreats. See the tab below for upcoming retreats. Workshops and short courses? See below for information about upcoming workshops.  Be sure to check how to register as some events may require bookings through another party. Looking for Continuing Professional Development as a yoga teacher? Many of our workshops would be relevant as Continuing Professional Development. but look below for workshops specific for yoga teachers. See also our Teacher Training tab. Components of the Teacher Training course are available for you to take as an individual subject suitable as continuing Professional Development. We are currently excited about Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga. Scroll down! See also "Deepen Your Yoga" Courses and Somatics Currently booking for: {slide=Prenatal Yoga for Couples with VanessaPeter Krivickas and Darren Twining} Prenatal Yoga for Couples facilitated by pre-natal yoga teacher Vanessa Krivickas and her husband Darren Twining 2016 sessions: 31 January   1 May   31 July   30 October A fun and relaxed class to help couples prepare to welcome baby together. Men and women have told us that they have loved this workshop. Pregnancy is a time of change challenge and re-evaluation for a woman, but also in the life of her partner. Together they observe changes in the mother's body, monitor the growth of their baby while anticipating the expansion of their family. Pregnancy, childbirth and prospective parenthood naturally impact on a couple's daily lives, priorities and ways of relating to each other. It can be a truly transformative time in a couple's relationship. In this class couples explore partnered yoga practices that will help them: Come to a shared understanding of the bodily changes experienced by a woman during pregnancy Maintain strength and flexibility in their bodies Practice breathing and moving together - powerful tools during labour and childbirth Relax and de-stress Connect with their unborn baby Get ready to welcome baby into the world Please register one person of the couple into the workshop and pay $60 for the couple. Cost: $60 per couple Bookings through Yoga Spirit Studios. Book here. What others have said about this workshop "Every couple should attend. We are so much more informed & well equipped for birth now" (Ankita and Manoj) "Even though this is my second birth, I've loved learning new ideas and tricks. It gave me some light bulb moments about my first birth and what I can do differently this time around. Thank you!" (Jess) "Wonderful for labour, back pain, and a great opportunity to connect with your partner during pregnancy". (Kylie and Adrian {/slide} {slide=Soundbath with Ahilya} Soundbath with Ahilya Relax and be bathed in healing sound vibrations. A soundbath is a deeply relaxing, replenishing, and rejuvenating experience. You will be immersed in a healing field of sound from gongs, drums, Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls, crystal bowls, rainsticks, rattles, voice in many forms such as chanting and mantra, bells and so much more!   About your Sound in the Community practitioner Ahilya has over 15 years of experience in the health industry as a, Yoga teacher, Massage therapist, Sound healer and Energy worker. She is currently completing her Sound in the Community certification with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.   Upcoming 2016 Dates - Fridays 23 February 20 May 24 June 19 August 30 September 25 November 16 December Doors open at 6.30 for a 7 pm sharp start $30 Bookings are essential. There is a limit to the number of people we can squeeze in and this event has booked out in the past. Each individual must be booked in as a separate person.  Purchasing multiple tickets will not book a friend a place - your name will only appear once and the system will not hold additional places. Contact the studio of you have difficulties in this regard. Book into Soundbath here or  contact the studio to book - 08 8352 7823 or info@yogaspirit.com.au {/slide} {slide=Partnered Yoga} Partnered Yoga with Vanessa and Maureen Sunday 22 May, 2 to 4 pm Partnered Yoga is not about fancy acrobatics. Teaming up with a partner for a yoga practice is an opportunity to combine your abilities and experience with those of someone else for a different, and hopefully also fun, experience of your practice. Receiving assistance might enable you to explore new poses, but to also practice old familiar poses in different ways, accessing new sensations of steadiness and ease. Offering assistance to someone else can help you clarify what it is about your experience of a pose that is enjoyable, difficult, helpful or challenging. Joining strengths and working together is perfect for asana practice. Sometimes we all need to reach out for help – and we can practice doing this quite literally through partnered yoga. Bring along your husband, wife, sister, brother, friend, cousin, mum, dad, son or daughter or team up with a new friend when you arrive – we’ll make sure everyone gets to work with someone. Partnered yoga poses involve contact mostly just between hands, feet and backs. $20 per person - please register individually BOOK {/slide} {slide=Upcoming Retreats with Skillful Mind} Upcoming Retreats with Skillful Mind Yoga Spirit Studios is the yoga partner for the wonderful retreat providers, Skillful Mind. Upcoming retreats are listed below with a link to the Skillful Mind website where you can read all about that retreat and also go on to register. If you are coming through Yoga Spirit Studios use the promocode yogaspirit when booking into your retreat for a 5% discount. 8 to 10 April Empowerment at The Monastery, Urbrae 27 to 29 May Yoga at Nunyara, Belair 12 to 14 August Meditation at The Monastery, Urbrae 24 to 24 September Empowerment at Nunyara, Belair 28 to 30 October Yoga at Whalers, Encounter Bay {/slide} {slide=Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga} Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training weekend intensive We are thrilled to be hosting Bliss Baby Yoga to conduct a prenatal yoga teacher training intensive. Bookings are now open. Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November 2016. Learn to specialise in this in demand area and teach prenatal yoga with confidence. In this 22 hour training intensive you will develop skills and knowledge to teach pregnant women yoga safely and appropriately. Training hours are Friday 18 November 9 am to 6pm Saturday 19 November 10 am to 6pm Sunday 20 November 8.30am to 4.30pm More Information Bookings are through Bliss Baby Yoga Book here {/slide} {slide=Looking for a place to stay?} Yoga Spirit Studios is in the inner western suburbs of Adelaide a short bus ride from the CBD. We have complied a document to help you find somewhere to stay. Accommodation suitable for events at Yoga Spirit Studios Download this document for some suggestions as to where to stay if visiting from out of town.  Includes maps. {/slide}

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(each class 75 - 90 minutes)

* Wednesday 4 May 7.35pm
* Thursday 2 June 7.35pm
* Tuesday 7 June 7.35pm
* Wednesday 15 June 7.35pm
* Monday 11 July 6.00pm



Don't put up with pain when relief can be
found in a few simple movements that bring 
your brain back in control of your body to 
release deep held tension.
Learn easy, gentle movements to reverse chronic 
muscle pain and get back to being comfortable  
in your own body!


(each class 75 - 90 minutes)

* Tuesday 19 April 7.35pm - ONLY 4 places left!
* Monday 23 May 6.00pm




* Thursday 30 June 7.35pm





* Thursday 28 April 7.35pm




* Monday 9 May 7.35pm



THURSDAYS 4.00 - 4.45PM

& KIDS 4 to 7 YEARS
WEDNESDAYS 4.15 - 5.00PM
TERM 1: 3,4 FEB - 13,14 APR



(each class 45 minutes)










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* Sunday 22 May 2 to 4pm



* Sunday 1 May 1 to 4pm



A full two hours of bolster bliss
at regular class price

30 APRIL 2016 3 TO 5PM



Be bathed in healing sound
vibrations from gongs, bowls,
voice and more.
Soundbaths with Ahilya are on Friday
evenings from 7 to 9pm and are
scheduled  on:

* 20 MAY 2016
* 24 JUNE 2016








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