Yoga Shop

The YogaShop is our retail outlet where you can source all your yoga props and accessories. Here you will find your yoga block, yoga blanket, yoga strap, yoga mat and yoga bolster, plus we carry books and gift items for all avid yogis. This is a bricks and mortar shop, not an online shop, so when you come in you get instant gratification. Yoga props are enablers, helping you to achieve poses that otherwise may be beyond your skill level or body makeup. They are also perfect for restorative practice. Make your purchases before or after class, or come in and visit us during our office hours, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for instant gratification and no waiting around for an online order to arrive. We have EFTPOS facilities, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. We also sell Gift Certificates which may be used for products or classes. So for yoga props in Adelaide, come and see us.

Clearance sale

Some products are 50% off e.g. Buddha statues, Chocolate coloured yoga mats

Here are some of our most popular products.

Yoga Bolsters $80

Once you start experimenting with a yoga bolster at home, you'll find it so useful for more than your mat time, everyone in the family will want one. Try them for watching TV, and as extra seating when friends drop by. We stock a stunning array of colours that will match any decor. Manufactured by local South Australian company, Bolsters & Things.

Yoga Mats $25

Colour coordinate your bolster and your mat. These mats are great value and good quality, and they also come in a fabulous range of colours to suit all tastes. 4.5mm thick, non-slip, weighing just 1.2Kg, so easy to carry to and from class. We also have mat carry straps ($7) with a special price if you purchase a carry strap and mat together ($30).

Yoga Blocks $15

We stock a high density foam yoga block with a straight edge in purple colour. Blocks are useful arm extenders when practicing poses such as Parvrtta Trikonasana (revolved triangle) or Ardha Chandrasana (half moon). They are also useful to use to support various parts of the body in restorative yoga. You might find you need two, especially if you are working up to Tolasana (scale pose). NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK

Yoga Belts 3m long $28

We currently stock 38mm wide by 3m long belts. These belts are made of heavy duty cotton and feature a metal buckle as shown. Useful for easeful practice of Supta padangusthasana, a great exercise for stretching out your hamstrings and helping yourself to stand tall. Belts also make great arm extenders in a number of situations.

Eye Pillows $20 OUT OF STOCK

Our eye pillows are locally hand crafted with a removable cover made from soft vintage cottons. The inside pillow is unbleached calico filled with organic buckwheat and lavender. Fabrics in stock may vary from those shown. A perfect gift.

Meditation stool $68 OUT OF STOCK

Our meditation stool is hand crafted by a local artisan and is designed with folding legs and a curve at the base of the legs that allows your body to arrange itself comfortably with an upright posture. The stool is used in a kneeling position, the height of the stool lifts your weight from the legs, providing a meditation posture that is sustainable for long sits.

Neti Pots $14.50

This lovely blue neti pot is made of moulded plastic so it is lightweight and durable. This neti pot comes in a box so it makes a nice gift. Practice jala neti to maintain good health and to keep colds and allergies at bay. Comes with instructions on how to make a saline water solution and let it pour through the nostrils. Don't be freaked out, it is easy and painless.

Copper Tongue scraper $6

Cleaning the tongue is as important as cleaning your teeth to maintain oral health. This little tongue scraper is the perfect tool, and at this price you could have two, one for your travel kit, one for home. Different to one pictured, photo update to come.

Blankets $24

This is a thick and firm cotton blanket with fully bound edge, grey with dark grey stripes. Use blankets for warmth during savasana. folded as support for the head when lying, under the buttocks when sitting, and a stack of three or more for the safe practice of shoulderstand. Can be put to many purposes in restorative practice.


Find some great yoga reads. Stock changes from time to time and may or may not include the titles in the picture.