Just beginning yoga in Adelaide?

Yoga Basics at Yoga Spirit Studios in Torrensville is the perfect class for beginners. Beginners will learn foundational poses and techniques of yoga. This is a Level 1 class, meaning that it is not overly physically demanding. It is 60 minutes in length. It complements our Introductory courses providing an ongoing class where new skills can be consolidated.

Practice yoga safely

Consolidating foundational techniques will help to keep you safe in your yoga practice. Develop good habits for the alignment of your knees and the ability to sense and trust your body's wisdom so as not to over-extend are important before attempting faster paced flowing yoga styles or trickier poses.

More experienced but refining technique?

Yoga Basics is also a great class to revisit to revise basic technique. Keeping to a palette of simpler postures gives opportunity to explore alignment, yielding, breathing and other key aspects of yoga in fresh ways.

New to Yoga Spirit Studios?

Try out our Yoga Basics class on our $25 Introductory pass. this is a ONE TIME ONLY per person offer that gives you unlimited visits for 2 weeks. And prior to the expiry of that pass you can purchase an extension of one month unlimited classes for $65. This is a sensational offer given that a casual class is $20.

If you have never done yoga before and start by trying out Yoga Basics, you can still go on to enrol in our Introductory course, which is a 6 week course which builds the techniques of yoga week by week. People who are doing the Introductory course for the first tie also receive unlimited ongoing classes with their course and can purchase the $65 one month extension pass.