Rooms for Hire Adelaide Western Suburbs

Yoga Spirit Studios is located in a gracious old building in Torrensville South Australia, and when we are not using the rooms to offer heartfelt embodied practices, they are available to hire. Suitable for yoga, dance workshops, tai chi, chi gung, meditation, healing circles and so forth.

Who can hire our spaces

Yoga Spirit Studios will happily hire our spaces to you if your event is a good match with our values and present no risk to our good name, our venue and our relationship with our landlord. We do not hire for parties.

Professional and public liability insurance

Please note that you must be covered by your own professional and public liability insurance.

Hire fees

To hire the smaller room, known as the Studio Room, hire fee is $20 per hour

To hire the larger room, known as the Main Hall, hire fee is $30 per hour.

Hire of both rooms is $50 per hour.

Times must be calculated to include your set up and break down times. These times cannot overlap with Yoga Spirit Studios class times, which can be seen on our timetable on our website, at Also see studio use for short courses at and events at

A 10% deposit on total anticipated hire fee is payable in advance.


Keys can be collected and returned from Tuesday to Thursday between the hours of 2 and 5pm only. For weekend hire keys should be collected late in the week (e.g. Thursday) and returned early the following week.


The venue is a yoga studio and there are minimal chairs and tables available for use. It is requested that the space be respected as sacred space.Shoes are not to be worn inside the two yoga spaces although they may be worn in reception. After your event the facility is to be left as it is found.

The rooms

The Studio Room is 8.4m x 9.7m with 10ft ceilings. It can be accessed by an external door and is very suitable for hiring for private appointments and small classes.

The Main Hall is 8.4m x 16.6m with an alcove to one side 2m x 10m. It has wooden floors and a very high dome ceiling. This room will accommodate up to 45 people for yoga and is a great space for stirring Kirtan and dance.

Chairs and tables

Tables which are used for the storage of our yoga props may not be used except for their current purpose.

There are 20 folding yoga chairs which have no backrest in the Studio Room. Any chairs and tables stored in the shared space that leads to the toilets are not the property of Yoga Spirit Studios and MAY NOT BE USED.

There are 16 black padded folding chairs in the Main Hall for seating purposes only. There are 20 folding yoga chairs, which are backless, and two long white benches in the Main Hall.

Bolsters, blankets and mats

Our bolsters, blankets and mats may be used. They must be neatly stacked in their storage configuration at the end of your hire period.

Food and drink

Food and drink can only be consumed in the reception area.

There are no kitchen facilities and no refrigerator.

It is permissible to set up a tea and coffee facility in the reception area providing these beverages are only consumed in the reception area.

There is a tap along the side of the building in the courtyard which can be used for filling an urn.


Main Hall

Women’s toilets are located off the reception area of the Main Hall. There is a single male toilet off the Main Hall. Some hirers make an agreement with participants to make the toilets unisex.

Studio Room

A door off the Studio Room leads to an area which is shared space with our landlord. Male and Female Toilets are in this space. You are not permitted to go beyond the passageway which leads to the facilities. (It will trigger an alarm!) The connecting door must be kept locked. The tables and chairs stored in this space are not the property of Yoga Spirit Studios and MUST NOT BE USED.