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Thinking about yoga teacher training?

Before you sign up to a training, you need to be sure that this is right for you. What are your motivations for doing a teacher training?

Most of the sources you will find about training as a yoga teacher will be trying to convince you that it is a good idea and usually that their particular training is the one you should choose. So why would the convener of one of the best Yoga Teacher Training programs available want to tell you about the reasons not to do it?

When you commit to a Yoga Teacher Training program you need to be aware of what is a sound and realistic motivation and what is just a pipe dream - what the pitfalls are of going into the training program with unrealistic expectations.

Isn't it better to have this worked out before you commit?

That is why I have prepared this help sheet for you! The 8 worst reasons to take yoga teacher training. And to balance that out, because yoga is all about balance isn't it, the 8 best reasons.

There is no obligation and it is free, so click the button, enter your email and the help sheet will arrive in your inbox.

Tina Shettigara
Director, Yoga Spirit Studios
Hi. My name is Tina Shettigara. In 2010 I purchased Yoga Spirit Studios from my teacher because it is such a wonderful refuge and place of yoga. Since then I have been involved in training teachers and sharing yoga and meditation with hundreds of people. It's great that you are thinking about training as a yoga teacher. I hope you find this help sheet useful.

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