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What to expect in our Introductory course

Yoga is great for keeping our body and mind healthy. What we learn and practise on our yoga mat, we can take into daily life, in how we move, in posture, and in how we respond to life.

To make it easier for you to get started we already have a great offer, and for a limited time we are making it even better.

Yoga does involve yoga skills, which is why we really recommend starting with an Introductory course so that you learn the foundations well. Being with complete beginner peers will give you confidence to practice and explore.

Our six week Introductory Yoga Courses are already great value. For $108 you get 6 weeks of instruction with an experienced teacher which teaches you the basics of yoga, including

  • the importance of the breath and coordinating breath with movement
  • how the law of motion "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" applies to our movement
  • keeping our spine healthy through movement and finding good alignment through the spine
  • finding flow as each movement transfers to another
  • finding core support, and connections to the centre of the body out to the periphery
  • how to approach yoga postures safely
  • sun salutes and how to "cheat" if it is not yet possible to do something properly
  • safe twists
  • Beginning forward bends and back bends
  • deep relaxation

These courses are starting frequently. You come for six weeks on the same day at the same time and we will build your skills each week.

Do I dare say, but wait there's more?

In addition to this great 6 week course you also are invited to attend as many of our regular drop-in ongoing classes as you like, for two months from the start of your course at NO ADDITIONAL COST (only available to people new to our yoga studio). This is approximately $150 value, FREE!

Then before this 2 months is over, we allow you to purchase an additional 1 month of unlimited classes for only $65.

(There is method in our madness - we think you'll be hooked on yoga by then.)

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So are you ready to get started with Yoga?

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This offer is for a limited time only. The Promo code will only work until the end of June 2018.

What our clients say about us

Yoga Client
I absolutely recommend anyone to join yoga here as it offers many classes & various courses that are truly rewarding. The instructors are all fabulous and so helpful...bringing their own unique experience to each class. I enjoy & love coming to classes & leave feeling very satisfied in my body & mind!...I learn & discover more about myself with each course i complete & am extremely grateful for every experience. I'm 58 & it's one of the best things I give myself by coming here. I'm sure you will think so too.