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Prana Yoga Flow

Loving your yoga but suspect there's more?

Ready to deepen into traditional practices?

Prana is the life force energy that flows in the body. Traditional hatha yoga has found practices that can guide the flow of that energy to our overall benefit and spiritual awakening.

In this class expect a period of flowing asana (postural) practice which uses the synchronicity of breath and movement to enhance prana flow.

You will also encounter meditation, more advanced pranayama (breath practices), plus mudra (gestures of hand and body), bandha (specialised body mudras to direct the flow of prana) and kriya (cleansing, energy channel clearing practices with chakra awareness) to bring sensitivity and control of the flow of prana.

Some prior yoga experience is recommended. This is an ongoing class held on Saturdays at 8am in the Studio Room.

The time

Making the effort to get there at 8am on Saturday morning might seem hard. The time has been settled upon as it is not as hard as 7am, but still early enough for you to attend before you eat in the morning, essential for some of the practices. It is also great to do your yoga class and still have all of Saturday available for the rest of your activities.

The room

This class is held in our smaller, more intimate space of The Studio Room. When you enter from Henley Beach Road go all the way down the courtyard to the veranda at the back - it says "Studio Room" on a sign by the door.

The price

This class is one of the ongoing offerings at Yoga Spirit Studios. Casual price is $20. If you are coming for the first time you can take a $25 Introductory pass for 2 weeks of unlimited classes with us. For a considerable saving on the casual price you can also purchase multi-class passes and memberships to pay for this item and use the same to attend other classes at the studio. These passes reduce the price per class substantially.

The teacher

My name is Tina Shettigara. I am the Director of Yoga Spirit Studios and the regular teacher of this class.

I began teaching yoga in 2009, having been learning yoga in a variety of forms since the early 1970s. I have a deep interest in Yogic Physiology (the understanding and map of the energetic body in yoga), and Yoga Philosophy. My personal practice and position is in the non-dual understandings of what is often called "Kashmir Saivism".

Practices such as Bandha, Mudra, Pranayama, Kriya need to be learnt and practised with care and respect as they manipulate the energetic body. That is their purpose. Beyond the simpler practices they are often not taught.

In addition to a lovely period of warming flowing vinyasa, in this class I take the opportunity to share some of these practices.

I m a Registered teacher with Yoga Australia, Member of Meditation Australia and a IRI Certified iRest teacher ®.

I would welcome you joining me as a regular student in this class to explore some of the deeper practices of yoga.

What we love about this class

Regular student in this class
Saturday yoga is a great way to wake up my body for the day. I feel refreshed & energised after my Saturday flow.
Regular student in this class
A perfect way to start my weekend, Prana flow is an interesting, physically and intellectually challenging, but never daunting class. I always feel energized.
Regular student in this class
I love my Saturday morning Prana Flow. I find it the perfect way to start off the weekend, sending me off to enjoy the rest of the Saturday with my family. It is my quiet relaxing time after a busy week with my kids and it sends me home in a relaxed calm head space.