194 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville
Phone: 8352 7823
Email: info@yogaspirit.com.au

Meditation Mind and Body - gentle, calm and soothing

Find Inner Peace & Stillness With Gentle Moving and Guided Calming Meditations.

Sundays 10 am in Studio Room

with Anne or Tina

Sundays are special with our Meditation, Mind & Body class. We take meditation into gentle subtle movements entrained with the breath and guide you in a meditative experience. Movements are simple and repetitive so that you are not taken away into an external worry about the mechanics of the movement or a challenging skillset. Instead you are invited to turn inward on a journey of self-discovery.

Classes also include seated, or sometimes lying, guided meditations, with diversity in theme and focus, and which sometimes also introduce other practices such as "hasta mudra"  (hand gestures) and  visualisations. Seated meditations may be done on a chair if floor sitting is not for you.



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