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iRest® can help

Life can be hard. iRest® can help

It is meditation - but you can practice it lying down.

You don't have to chant Om or empty your mind of thoughts.

It's restful.

It begins a process of healing.

The meditation is completely guided, and starts with establishing an all important connection with a feeling of ease you can always come back to.

This meditation has helped thousands of people and a growing body of evidence based research shows how it is helpful for:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Addictions
  • Pain management

Now you can learn it with IRI Certified iRest Yoga teacher® Tina Shettigara in a six week course.

The easiest meditation you will ever try!

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Included in this course

  • 9 hours of tuition in live contact hours where questions can be instantly answered
  • Comprehensive work book and notes
  • Weekly recordings including
    • Full 25 minute practice of iRest Yoga Nidra
    • Short meditations on different aspects of the protocol
  • Teacher's expert support


Your six week course with all the supporting material is $108.

Early bird price - book in by 22 April - pay only $97

In person or livestreamed online

This course can be attended in person (limited places, hurry to book) or livestreamed online. There is a separate registration for online as to in person, so please choose the correct one. 

Introducing the teacher, Tina Shettigara

Hi, I am Tina Shettigara. I found what I had been seeking all my life in iRest, so it is no wonder I am a fan, and I love teaching it to others in the hope it will be as beneficial to them as it has been to me.

I first found yoga way back in my late teens , hatha yoga, or modern postural yoga, a simple form of postural practice that I loved and wanted more of. In my mid twenties I started trying various kinds of meditation. Most things I tried were helpful, to a degree, but were not life changing and did not give me insight into some weird experiences of momentary connection I was experiencing.

Fast forward and over the years I suffered various traumas and anxieties and I have to say was completely out of touch with my inner calm. I had let my yoga practice go, so I got back into it and began to feel a lot better. As a retirement plan I trained as a yoga teacher and a little later I was introduced to iRest. It was a true coming home. iRest has shown me how to be deeply connected to what I always knew, but couldn't quite stabilise, an inner sense of wholeness, and an amazing connection to everything.

I was in the first group that founder, Richard Miller, trained in Australia and I went on to complete the Certification program, so that I can share it with you. I want you to have what iRest has given me. I hope you will join me.

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