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6 week Introductory Yoga Course

Join our 6 week Introductory Yoga Course for the best foundations in yoga. We step you through in an easy paced manner so that you learn the basic skills of Hatha Yoga, a great foundation for your yoga life. Attend on the same day at the same time for six weeks. We even provide take home notes so you can refresh your knowledge between classes. All levels of fitness are welcome, even if you haven't moved much for awhile, this course is gentle enough for you to manage.

The 6 week Introductory Yoga Course is $108.

Plus two months of unlimited classes at no extra cost!

At the same time as you are attending the Introductory course we invite you to attend as many of our regular classes as you like. This will give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning in the course. So we are GIVING you FREE, two months of unlimited classes at Yoga Spirit Studios when you enrol into the 6 week Introductory course.

The 2 months of free unlimited classes are offered concurrent with the Introductory course. The two months counts down from your first class at the studio which is usually week 1 of your Intro course. You can choose when you feel confident to start utilising this offer. It also means that after your course is finished you will usually have another two weeks of unlimited classes still remaining.

When can you start?

Click the button to find when the next course is starting. They roll out very frequently. See you on the mat.

What previous attendees at the Intro course have said

Comments from feedback forms
People who attended the 6 week Introductory Yoga Course
Jim – “I was really unsure about doing yoga, I am not very flexible and I came along because my partner wanted to. The pace was great and I have never felt that I was ‘no good’ because I couldn’t bend far or anything. The teacher really encouraged everyone to work at their own pace and within their own capacity. Even in six weeks I can notice the difference in my body, it feels freer.”
Fran – “I have been using what I have learnt about my breath during my day and I feel less anxious, more at ease. Thank you”
Kylie – “The course was really well structured and layered information and practices so it was easy to keep up. It was also fun and the teacher was knowledgeable and helpful.”
Abbie – “Thank you for a wonderful course. The notes have been really helpful to use to try a few things at home between classes, helped me remember what we had covered. I am loving it and will certainly do more yoga.”
Danny – “I came along because my doctor suggested I do yoga to help with my health. It is probably too early to really tell if it is making a long term difference, but I do feel better at the moment. My breath is freer and my mental state is improved. I thought I might not like it but it has been fun.”