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What past trainees have said about our training program

Anonymous feedback from exit survey
Graduates of the Yoga Spirit Studios Teacher Training program
***** Being part of the Yoga Spirit Teacher Training Course has been a wonderful opportunity to not only grow personally but to discover the incredible depth of the yoga tradition itself. I hadn't appreciated the enormous body of knowledge this tradition has created over time and for me learning the history, physiology and pranic practices has been really interesting and very rewarding. I also valued the variety and experience of the teachers and their different styles of delivery and assessment. From on-line assessments to face-to-face delivery, the course was really robust in helping us learn and develop our skills for the future. The course has also provided great friendships and supports for whatever we happen to do in the future; either teach or continue to explore the tradition. I would highly recommend this training to those interested in learning more about the tradition of yoga.
*****. The YTTC has transformed my life. When I began I was looking for help to recover from a stressful corporate life. I am happy to say I am now living a fulfilled and enriched life with enthused energy. The teachers are the best in their field and their guidance and training has given me the confidence to develop a new career. I am so much happier now with my life, and I attribute this to the course.
***** A very thorough teacher training course that opens up windows into the multi-faceted nature of yoga.
***** The high standards of this course are exceptional. It is a well-rounded and in-depth course that takes you on a journey of a life time. Highly recommended to anyone serious about yoga and self-inquiry who is willing to trust the process of growth through this course. The staff, teachers, and organizers are outstanding in their knowledge and ability to deliver the material, creating a learning space where the students are able to absorb and digest the concepts and try them out so that when they end up teaching, the instructions come from a place of deep understanding. You will come out of this course with the confidence and knowledge to stand before a class and teach authentically, safely, and inspiringly. You will also be supported in establishing your own personal practice and meditation to suit your needs. A deep gratitude for those involved in the delivery of this course.
***** It has been an amazing journey of self-understanding and self-development with some of the nicest people.