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Are you ready to take action to start yoga? Our Introductory Yoga courses give you a fabulous foundation to yoga. You do not have to be fit, flexible or strong to start.

Yoga will build your sense of well-being while also building your strength and flexibility. We start you slowly enough that you should not feel out of your depth at all.

Yoga is a very special gift. It is more than an exercise regime. Yoga at Yoga Spirit Studios is movement with mindfulness. While simultaneously building strength and flexibility you are encouraged to let go of the swirling thoughts and be present to what is really here. Movement becomes meditation. You may find that you sleep better and deal with the ups and downs of life more smoothly.

What our clients say about us

Yoga Client
Yoga at Yoga Spirit Studios is wonderful. All of the teachers are very good, and they each have their own style, and bring something a little different. Yet they all put the student's safety topmost of their concerns and encourage and suggest alternatives if you need it. When I was put out of action for a while with a broken foot, I was so grateful for my yoga. I was strong enough to get up and down the stairs sitting and using my arms, and I was emotionally resilient to deal with what was happening to me. I would recommend Yoga Spirit studios to everyone.