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3 Things to consider when choosing a yoga teacher

Thinking of starting yoga?

Or perhaps you used to do some yoga but left it for a long while and would like to return.

Or just moved and looking for a new yoga teacher.

There are some important things for you to consider when looking for a yoga teacher. Sure you would like the location to be convenient and the times to be convenient, and that is important. But you need to have a rapport, to be in a place offering exactly what you are looking for. And there are a vast array of styles on offer as well.

When looking for your yoga teacher, be prepared to ask questions. This help sheet will give you food for thought and help prepare you for your search.

Tina Shettigara
Director, Yoga Spirit Studios
Hi. My name is Tina Shettigara. In 2010 I purchased Yoga Spirit Studios from my teacher because it is such a wonderful refuge and place of yoga. Since then I have been involved in training teachers and sharing yoga and meditation with hundreds of people. I am really happy you are thinking about starting yoga as it can make such a huge positive difference in your life. I hope you enjoy this help sheet.

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