Tantrik Yoga

Tantra developed in India and Tibet from around the first millenium. There are different forms of Tantra within Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Traditional Tantra Yoga is now offered as part of the offering at Yoga Spirit Studios. Traditional Tantra Yoga has come to Adelaide!

What do you do at Tantra Yoga?

Firstly, what we do not do. At Yoga Spirit Studios we do not do sexual practices. Perhaps that disappoints you, perhaps it is a relief.

But isn't Tantra about sex?

Today the word Tantra has been hijacked by the modern New Age spiritual community as a practice for better sex and relationship. Properly, the practices taught in Tantra workshops at yoga studios across the western world, should be called neo-tantra, and what they do has nothing at all to do with traditional tantra.

But wait, you say, don't the Tantric scriptures refer to sexual practices?

Well, yes, there are some references to sexual practice in the traditional scriptures, whcih are themselves called Tantras.

But out of the many thousands of verses written to illuminate the practices of Tantra, very, very few of them refer to sex.  Sex is not excluded, and has its place, but that is because no experience is refused as a pathway to recognition of one's essence nature. 

So what do you do in Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is a practice for life.  Tantra is transmitted within a normal postural yoga class and in meditation classes. Tantra utilises paying attention to the whole of your experience, as well as breathing practices, meditation, working with the energetic body, postures of the whole body and of just parts of the body, like the hands, visualisation, orientation and attitude. In postural practice you are guided to deeper mindfulness, and that often means a gentler and slower practice.

Who teaches Tantra at Yoga Spirit Studios in Torrensville?

Our resident Tantrika is Tina Shettigara, who is a student/practitioner of Non-dual Saiva Tantra.