Tantra in Adelaide

The tradition of non-dual Saiva Tantra is a non-dual tradition  which means that it recognises the essentional oneness of everything. 

If your heart yearns for the truth, if you are willing to dedicate your practice to your love for yourself, for the desire to know the truth and for the benefit of all beings, you found this page because of your search.

Here are your genuine Tantra yoga classes in Adelaide. Tina Shettigara is helping you to find your way to genuine traditional Tantra, in Torrensville in the western suburbs of Adelaide.

Join Tina Shettigara in any of her classes at Yoga Spirit Studios. These classes do not necessarily have Tantra in their title, but as a Tantrika, the teachings cannot help but emerge in her teaching. See the Timetable here and choose to attend a class with Tina soon.

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