Cheapest Yoga classes in Adelaide

Of course, you do get what you pay for.  But you do not need to pay $25 per class to be attending yoga classes with the highest quality of instructor. 

With our class fee packages we encourage you to attend a lot of classes with a pricing structure that rewards you for coming more times a week - as if the benefits of feeling more supple and less stressed were not enough.

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Intro pass

If you are new to Yoga Spirit Studios you can start yoga with us with unlimited classes for 14 days costing just $25. If you attend just 4 classes in those 14 days those classes cost you just $6.25 each, but hey, we'd love to see you more often, trying out all our classes and teachers and seeing what works for you.


Introductory (Beginners) Yoga course

This is also great value especially if you've never done yoga before.  You get a 6 week beginners course AND 2 months of unlimited classes. This costs $97. If you do your 6 beginner course classes and just 10 more classes in 2 months (works out to be just an average 2 classes per week), each of those classes will have cost you $6.


The $65 one month add-on 

Whichever of these introductions to our studio you chose, while it is still current you can add onto it and get another month of unlimited classes for $65. If you average 2 classes per week you'll have paid just $8 per class. Still pretty cheap!

Beyond that!

You will now know how often you will be attending and have developed a pattern, so you will be able to chose the best pricing option for you.

Unlimited class membership by fortnightly direct debit

If you are attending 2 or 3 times a week we recommend continuing as an unlimited attendance member with our fortnightly direct debits, at $60 per fortnight. The maths is simple, 2 classes and they cost $15 per class, but 3 and you are down to $10 per class.

Multiple class passes

We also have multiple class passes for those who can only manage one class per week.

Find out more about class prices or check out the timetable over here