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Yoga Classes - Adelaide CBD

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Yoga Classes for Restricted Movement in Adelaide CBD

If you've endured an injury or illness that has limited your mobility, yoga may seem unrealistic. However, even when it's difficult to move around on the floor or get yourself up then down from a yoga mat, yoga can still be a wonderful and viable option for you. At Yoga Spirit Studios, we offer yoga classes in Adelaide CBD that anyone can enjoy. Our low movement classes are beneficial even to those clients with restricted mobility, offering the many benefits of a traditional yoga class, without the floor mat workout.

It’s no secret that a regular yoga practise can encourage the body’s recovery from illness and injury and offer eventual greater freedom from pain and increased movement. Originally coined ‘chair yoga’, this reduced mobility yoga isn’t just for seniors - we see young people, seniors and everyone in between enjoying the benefits of yoga in this non-traditional class. Also, more often than not, we have students who decide not to use the chair during this course.

The key to yoga classes in Adelaide CBD is to find the grace to meet yourself exactly where you are at present. If you're in a place where your movement is restricted, you can modify your practice using props as you see fit. Our empathetic and knowledgeable instructor will provide options for each asana, so as to allow your body to work within its means.

Using breath work and mindfulness, a regular yoga practise will encourage and allow the body to heal until you gain the mobility you once had. We invite you to email us if you’re interested in this special class at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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